havellsElectrical appliances major Havells has decided to move court against Rakhi Sawant, after the actor called for a ban on ceiling fans.
Sources with the direct knowledge of the matter said that Havells has evidence to prove that Rakhi Sawant’s campaign is funded by a clutch of foreign investors including Lloyd, LG and Panasonic.rakhi-sawant-feature-700x525

Havells, in its petition, is likely to contend that Rakhi Sawant’s dramatic appeal is just a front to push sales of air conditioners this summer.

bajaj elecHowever, an exclusive investigation revealed that even Bajaj Electricals may be a direct beneficiary of Rakhi Sawant’s campaign, after she sought people to replace ceiling fans with table fans.

This could be the largest controversy to erupt in India’s electrical equipment industry, as for the first time a Class-C celebrity is involved in it.

Indian fan makers have for long faced a dearth of big faces, even for paid advertisements.

“This might be a blessing in disguise for fan makers. Because people will realise that they actually use fans,” said N Sharma, a salaried professional and a troubled father. whose son never switches the fan off while leaving the room.

Meanwhile, Rakhi Sawant is likely to face a political backlash in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana. The YSR Congress party has sought to ban Sawant from all item numbers in telegu movies.

“She has disrespected our party symbol, and we condemn it,” said a party spokesperson, before a reporter asked for a clarification on whether he was condemning Sawant or the party symbol.

Even as the story was in progress, ‘Afterthoughts’ was hounded by activists for diluting the issue of suicide by a helpless female actor- Pratyusha, and turning it into an issue between fans and air conditioners.

“The issue got diluted when Rakhi Sawant got involved in it, not because of a fake blogpost” said a spokesperson for Afterthoughts.