tumse-na-hoYou have to love the Parsees. Whatever they do, they look cute! It’s a corporate fight for the right to control business worth billions of dollars. With so much at stake, a few threats, murders, and who knows, even a change in government may not be too surprising.

But Parsees alone can make it look like a fight for the window seat. Or this-

Ratan: Cyrus, you get out man! You are not making any runs!

Cyrus: No, I will not throw away my wicket.

Ratan: But, you are just wasting balls…

Cyrus: Don’t get me started on that. My strike rate is better than your career average.

Ratan: Those were different days. Now you have to play Test matches, like it’s T-20.

Cyrus: And you think you will do better?

Ratan: You have played four overs. The required run rate is climbing, and you are taking singles.

Cyrus: The required run is too high because of all those balls you ‘well left’ outside off stump earlier.

Ratan: But I was an opener, I have to fend off the initial attack. I went ‘retired hurt’, so you can score faster.

Cyrus: You cost us two big run outs too later. I don’t know why did you even attempt those?

Ratan: I am the captain, I know better. Shut Up!

Cyrus: You are acting captain, when you are too old to even coach.

Ratan: The bat is mine.

Cyrus: I have my own bat.

Ratan: The team is mine.

Cyrus: My father is also a co-owner.

Ratan: I will throw him out too.

Cyrus: You are a cheater.

Ratan: You are dumb.

Cyrus: But the rules…

Ratan: I changed them…

Cyrus: But this is not fair….

Ratan: I don’t care…

And it goes on and on and on. Players, umpires and audience watch- for this is one of the biggest rivalries in India’s history, at one of the most revered teams with a history of over a hundred years. #VeryMature

These are two cuddly bears trash talking each other, without lifting as much as a finger.

Remember, Mukesh & Anil fighting? It was like mud wrestling, with everyone’s father, mother and uncle dragged into it.